Sample Wedding Videos

Click any of the images below to view samples of various parts of our wedding video productions. Any music found in these videos is professionally licensed for use, but you can choose any music you'd like (including popular music... anything you can find on Apple Music or Spotify) for your wedding video. You would also have access to our expansive custom music library full of instrumental or lyric tracks if you'd like to use something unique! Any '' watermark in these samples is strictly to prevent unauthorized use and will not appear in your actual wedding video. PLEASE BEAR WITH US AS WE UPDATE THIS PAGE WITH FRESH SAMPLES AFTER A RECENT WEBSITE REDESIGN!

Video Intro
To open your video we'll capture details of the ceremony space and venue, the bride and groom behind the scenes, guests arriving and scroll some opening credits for a cinematic touch. This results in a nice video montage that sets the stage for the rest of the days events. -Sample filmed by Mike and Matt Buerhaus.
Outdoor Ceremony Sample
All of our videos come with your full ceremony in real time. Hear all of the vows, readings and music from the event as it happened. We never set up in the aisle (photographers hate that!) but discreetly roam the perimeter to capture your day. You'll hardly even know we're there. -Sample filmed by Julia Buerhaus.
Post Ceremony Video Montage
We'll discreetly sit in on a portion of any formal photos after the ceremony, as well as gather highlights from your cocktail hour when possible and get plenty of details from the reception (cake, centerpieces, etc.), turning all of that into a nice video lead-in to your reception footage. -Sample filmed by Sandy & Mike Buerhaus.
Highlight Video Sample
Part of our Full Length Film editing style, a highlight video wraps up your entire day into a 4 to 5 minute long presentation set to the music of your choice! You can check out dozens of these videos on our Highlight Video page, linked under the wedding header on our main website ( -Sample filmed by Matt Buerhaus.
Short Film Sample
If you don't want to sit through a two hour video of your day, then this editing option is for you! Our Short Film editing style is basically one long highlight video set to the music you choose (12-20 minutes in length) with bits and pieces of real time footage, like your vows and ring exchange. Don't worry though, we'll hide your full ceremony and reception events in the same video with their own chapter markers just in case you'd ever like to revisit those moments in their entirety. -Sample filmed by Julia Buerhaus.
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